Job Spotlight: Web Application Developer

January 20, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Meet Mark Entingh!

A FreightCenter Web Application Developer


Are you looking for a challenging career in the fast-paced and ever-changing industry of transportation and logistics? A career in web application development might just be the right choice for you. Keep reading to see what makes web application development the right career for Mark!

Do you feel as if you are an asset to your team? How so?

Of course! Being responsible for redeveloping the website gives me that feeling.

What attracted you to the position?

The position was for a C# web developer, and so C# is my programming language of choice, and because the location was great (since I was living in Seattle at the time).

Name one way your supervisor helps you succeed in your role.

Matt is a motivational speaker, and he’s giving me the freedom to develop the new website using technologies I trust, so I am sure to succeed.

What’s your work-life balance like at FreightCenter?

Working here at FreightCenter is great. My coworkers are more like my friends since we all joke around and enjoy playing video games after work, but we also give each other space to focus on our work. On the weekends, I’ve been going to Clearwater beach, enjoying the sunlight, sand, and food. I’m new to the area coming from the North West coast, so I’m pretty much in paradise right now.

What’s something unique about you that most people wouldn’t know?

I’ve cycled around the country on a few occasions, spanning over 2,000 miles of open road, camping out at night while riding a bicycle by day. I’ve cycled through Northern New Mexico from Santa Fe, traveling 850 miles to Las Vegas, NV. Also, over 200 miles from Hollywood, CA to Las Vegas, and through the West coast of Oregon and Northern California. Cycling gave me a whole new perspective on the landscape of North America, and so all my journeys have been breath-taking experiences.

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