Job Spotlight: Sales Supervisor

February 16, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Meet Allen  Green!

A FreightCenter Sales Supervisor


How did you start at FreightCenter?

I started at FreightCenter in June of 2015 as an account manager and trained with Phil Ferranto and Mike Richardson.

How did your position evolve to what it is today?

I was an account manager until February 2016 when FreightCenter reorganized the sales floor and I was promoted to business development team lead under Chad Bruen as my supervisor. In August 2016 I was promoted to sales floor supervisor.

What are your general responsibilities?

Well this is a broad question! My general responsibilities consist of helping our agents to carry out their duties as account managers. This ranges from answering questions about carriers, products, freight classes, the industry, etc, to coaching them in the sales process, whether it be via a conference call with their customer or  consulting with them on a personal level. I am responsible for improving the weekly, and monthly metrics. Ultimately I serve a diverse team of sales professional as a leader and mentor to help them succeed.

What does your team do?

They are responsible for developing a relationship between FreightCenter and our customers and developing that relationship between FreightCenter and our customers and eveoping that relationship so that FreightCenter is the customers first thought when it comes to freight. We specialize in finding solutions to eliminate shipping headaches and reduce costs.

Being in a leadership position, how do you best lead your team? If problems arise, how do you solve them?

I believe it is important  to lead by example, address issues quickly and move on. I like to help my team have fun while staying focused on the task at hand, and I’m always available to help any of them solve critical shipping challenges to ensure an extraordinary customer experience.

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