Job Spotlight: Customer Service Representative

January 20, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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Meet Felecia Micalizzi!

A FreightCenter Customer Service Representative


Are you looking for a career where you can be a problem solver, a listener, and a voice? A career in customer service might just be the place for you. Keep reading to see what makes customer service the right career for Felecia!

Do you feel as if you are an asset to your team? How so?

I do feel like I am an asset to my team. My superiors, fellow coworkers, and people from other departments are very thankful and gracious. It is great to hear about the positives that you are doing, and it makes me feel very appreciated, and want to continue to do better and work even harder.

What attracted you to the position?

Something new and exciting every day. You don’t get sick of the same old boring routine, as other jobs have. It looked like a fun place to work with great people, and it is!

Name one way your manager/supervisor helps you succeed in your role.

Both my team lead and supervisor are so helpful in every way. They never make me feel like I am a bother, and there are always teachable moments. I never feel like just another number, and they are always keeping everyone’s spirits up. If I ever want to learn more, they will allow me to do so.

What’s your work-life balance like at FreightCenter?

I’m able to balance my work and personal life very well, because I actually enjoy coming to work every day. I have worked many different schedules, when needed, but there is never a problem if I need to go to an appointment, have a family issue, or some kind of emergency. I always feel like my supervisor cares about me, and I can always go to her if I need to talk about work and even my personal life.

What’s something unique about you that most people wouldn’t know?

I was voted Most Spirited in high school.

Visit our Careers page for more information about a career in customer service.

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