It’s a Beautiful Day to Be a Philadelphia Phillies Fan

March 15, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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It was a hot and sunny day, typical for this time of year in the sunshine state. Walking up to the Spectrum Field, you see a pond to your right. If you’re a native to the swampy lands of Florida, you think nothing of it. Yet, if you’re a tourist you might joke about the potential for alligators to be in there. Tourists and natives alike, bustle around taking pictures of the entrance that looks like a harmonious marriage of a Spanish style hacienda and baseball field.

Freight Shipping Partners Phillies Spectrum Field Entrance

Stepping foot into the front office, you’re immediately greeted by DeDe, the smiling office administrator that tells you she’s here because it’s a fun job – the perfect answer. And how can we disagree? She gets to wear an official Phillies Championship ring from their win back in 2008, a gift granted to each and every full-time worker for the Phillies. . They weren’t kidding when they said diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Freight Shipper Partners Phillies Baseball Team Ring

Among other Phillies memorabilia scattered around the office is a red 2-wheeler. Yes, we’re talking a bicycle. What started as an ordinary bike has been re-done Phillies style, with a red finish and the logo placed on it. The thick tires are perfect for riding around the snowy streets of Philly. Did we mention it was hot and sunny in Florida today? But hey, we’re notbragging.

FreightCenter Partner Philadelphia Phillies Custom Bike

Word on the street is they’re accepting offers for this roadster. 

DeDe directs us to head on back and we proceed. Call it magic if you will, but this is where it really happens – behind the scenes. You can see tickets being sold, partnerships being agreed upon, and hands being shook. It’s dedication and work like this that makes a team successful.

We meet with Cory Sipe, a Corporate Sales Associate and after a few minutes of chatting and learning about the family-like culture that comes with working for the Phillies, we head to the field for a tour. There’s a signage reminder of just how far away Phillies fans are from home. Maybe if we click our cleats 3 times we’ll be there in an instant?

Philadelphia Phillies Spectrum Field Clearwater Florida

With no one currently in the field, the views from up top aren’t too shabby. The grass is clean cut, with crisp and visible edges, the dirt is perfectly sifted, and the stands are spotless.

Spectrum Field Spring Training Philadelphia Phillies Freight Center

But heading down to the steps and getting the chance to step onto the field, I realized this. The best view is from home base.

To learn more about freightCenter’s partnship with the Philadelphia Philllies and Clearwater Threshers, visit our other blog post FreightCenter Scores home Run Partnership.

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