Freeze Protection Services Are Finally Here

November 15, 2017 by FreightCenter Team
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It’s that time of year again – temperatures are going down, holiday décor is going up, and winter is officially on its way. But that’s no reason to leave your freight out in the cold. Many shipments contain items that have the potential to freeze in certain temperatures, which would ultimately result in product damage. Keep in mind that the freeze protection season begins on November 1 and doesn’t end until April 30 – don’t underestimate the power of the freeze even in the spring!

What Are Freeze Protection Services?

Freeze protection is a service many LTL carriers provide to prevent goods that can freeze from exposure to chilling temperatures. Many temperature-sensitive commodities such as chemicals, paints, glues, liquids, perishable food, and batteries stay above freezing temperature during transit to ensure the product’s quality is not compromised.

Freight Carriers Are Turning Up the Heat

The carrier you select will determine exactly which freeze protection services are offered with your freight shipment. Freeze protection services can include a wide array of features, including: protective pallet blankets, heated trailers, and expediting time-sensitive shipments.

Some special handling procedures that are offered by various carriers include:

  • Designating sheltered areas to hold freezable freight during severe weather
  • Labeling shipments and Bill of Ladings to easily identify freezable good
  • Monitoring weather forecasts using AccuWeather
  • Adhering to carrier guidelines for protecting goods while in transit and over weekends
  • Using warm rooms when needed

Do I Really Need Freeze Protection Services?

If your freight has the potential to freeze, then yes. Often, you don’t know where your freight will travel during transit. Just because you shipped your freight from sunny Miami, doesn’t mean it won’t pass through a blizzard in Denver, while on its way to Los Angeles. Likewise, you have no way of knowing just how long your freight will be left in a freezing cold truck. These are reasons alone to not risk the integrity and quality of your freight. When it comes to freight, especially temperature sensitive freight, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Don’t Give Freeze Protection Services the Cold Shoulder

Despite freeze protection services being provided by many LTL carriers, not all services are created equal. Each carrier has their own unique limitations for handling freight under freeze protection. In cases of extreme cold, it’s possible that some carriers may not be able to offer a freeze protection guarantee. In those cases, the carrier will place an embargo on this service until temperatures rise.

Be sure to consult with your FreightCenter agent to ensure you are matched with a carrier that can meet all your freeze protection and freight needs. Most importantly, triple check that your freight’s specific freeze protection requirements are printed clearly on your Bill of Lading.

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